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1.We are tired,because we always hesitate between persistence and give up,walking forth and back.We feel bored just because we have good memories,we remember the things we should remember and never forget those we shouldn't remember.When we feel miserable,just because we want to gain too much.when we take everything seriously,we must be unhappy.it is not because we owe so little,but we take too much personally.

我们之所以会心累,就是常常徘徊在坚持和放弃之间,举棋不定。我们之所以会烦恼,就是记性太好,该记的,不该记的都会留在记忆里。我们之所以会痛苦,就是追求的太多。我们之所以不快乐,就是计较的太多,不是我们拥有的太少,而是我们计较的太多。 ­

2.Ten characteristics of the men attract to the women: 1,True 2,Profound 3,Tolerant 4,Brave 5,Good manner 6,quick-witted 7,Humour 8,Keeping forging ahead 9,Romantic 10,Take a risk.Ten characteristics of the women attract to the men:1,Gentle 2,wisdom and caring 3,Showing consideration for him 4,Self restraint 5,Hazy 6,Little movement 7,Being good at doing housework 8,Perfect skin 9,Sexy wearing 10,Warm and fragrant

男人吸引女人的10个特质:1.真实 2.深刻 3.胸怀 4.敢为 5.风度 6.机灵 7.幽默 8.进取 9.浪漫 10.冒险.女人吸引男人的10个特点:1.温柔 2.知性 3.体贴 4.涵养 5.朦胧 6.小动作 7.勤于家事 8.肤白 9.性感着装 10.香氛 ­

3.The true love is Accept,not Put up with;It is Support,not Submit;It is Express sympathy for the other,not Call to account;The true love,You should say Thank you and Sorry.Showing consideration for the other and making allowances for the other.You should admit your fault and correct that.The true love is more than staring at each other,but looking at the same direction.Actually,Love does not hunt for a perfect one,but admire a non-perfect one with admiring eyes.

真正的爱,是接受,不是忍受;是支持,不是支配;是慰问,不是质问;真正的爱,要道谢也要道歉。要体贴,也要体谅。要认错,也好改错;真正的爱,不是彼此凝视,而是共同沿着同一方向望去。其实,爱不是寻找一个完美的人。而是,要学会用完美的眼光,欣赏一个并不完美的人。 ­

4.There are always such people there around us,you can see him happy the whole day,acting like a child,everybody admires him:In fact,you know what? He cried one second before,but smiled again in front of the others.Actually they have no ability to be alone.When it darks,he sits in front of the window and think about everything that make him confused and sad.They like the sunflowers:On one side,facing the Sun,they happy all day;However,On the other side,You can't see the sadness in the shadow.

身边总有些人,你看见他整天都开心,率真得像个小孩,人人都羡慕他;其实,你哪里知道:前一秒人后还伤心地流着泪的他,后一秒人前即刻洋溢灿烂笑容。他们其实没有能力独处,夜深人静时,总坐在窗前对着夜空冥想失意的苦楚。他们就像向日葵,向着太阳的正面永远明媚鲜亮,在照不到的背面却将悲伤深藏。 ­

5.In the life.some people come and go,the others leave you and then come back.Some are near to you,the others are far away from you.Some people pass you,but some people go with you.Maybe you meet with each at the end of two roads,you keep each other for company and then say goodbye at the next intersaction.Whatever,no one can avoid the sensitive feeling of falling apart.The friends who are far away from me,maybe we can't even say hello to each other,but thank you all the same that we had the chance to go hand in hand.

生命中,有些人来了又去,有些人去而复返,有些人近在咫尺,有些人远在天涯,有些人擦身而过,有些人一路同行。或许在某两条路的尽头相遇,结伴同行了一段路程,又在下一个分岔路口道别。无论如何,终免不了曲终人散的伤感。远在天涯的朋友:或许已是遥远得无法问候,但还是谢谢您曾经的结伴同行。 ­

6.Love is simple,because everyone can say:"I love you,and I will pay everything for you!",love is difficult,because few people keep theirs'promise.If you really love a person,love still exists even though you refuse to make a commitment;If you don't love a people at all,you can betray at any time even if you swear you love.

爱情很简单,因为每个人都会说:“我爱你,会为你付出一切!”,爱情很难,因为没有多少人做到了他的承诺。 如果真心爱一个人,不承诺也会去爱;如果不爱一个人,曾经承诺也会背叛。 ­

7.What is your most regrettable for? One magazine surveys the old people of over sixty all over the world: The first one,75 percent of them regret that they didn't work hard when they were young,so it's good for nothing now.The second one:70 percent of them regret choosing the wrong poision when they were young.The third one;62 percent of them regret educationing theirs'children in the wrong way.The fourth one:57 percent of them regret that they didn't cherish theirs'mate.The fifth one:49 percent of them regret that they didn't keep in good health.

【你最后悔什么】某杂志对全国60岁以上的老人抽样调查:第一名:75%的人后悔年轻时努力不够,导致一事无成。第二名:70%的人后悔在年轻的时候选错了职业。第三名:62%的人后悔对子女教育不当。第四名:57%的人后悔没有好好珍惜自己的伴侣。第五名:49%的人后悔没有善待自己的身体。 ­

8.Ten schemings for being human:1,Don't be so innocent,try to disguise yourself a little.2,You should pave a way for yourself at any time.3,You can't say"absolutely",or you can't have your own business.4,You can be mature but not be worldly-wise.5,Have right options for this world,be open-minded.6,Knowing the ways of being circle or square,never troule troubles before trouble troubles you.7,Don't lose two presents:Good manner and gifts.8,You live in this world,be aware of being framed up by your friends.9,You are allowed to be snobbish occasionally,hunting for the reliable partner.10,Being a human regardless of your strong self-respect.

【做人十心机】⒈做人不能太单纯 适度伪装自己 ⒉凡事留余地 要留退路 ⒊话不说绝 口无遮拦难成大事 ⒋成熟而不世故 ⒌心态好 想得开活得不累 ⒍懂方圆之道:没事不惹事,来事不怕事 ⒎不可少二礼:礼仪与礼物 ⒏人在江湖飘 防挨朋友刀 ⒐偶尔"势利眼" 寻可靠伙伴 ⒑放下面子来做人。 ­

9.On your way of life,there are always people come and go,some people leave you continuously.When the new name becomes the old name,and the old one is gradually blurring,then that is the end of obe story and the beginning of another story.In the course of meeting and leaving,we finally understand:the people arould us only accompany us for one station,let alone the whole life;Those who can go with us for the whole life are ours'name and the touching comes from those clear or vague names.

人生旅途中,总有人不断地走来,有人不断地离去。当新的名字变成老的名字,当老的名字渐渐模糊,又是一个故事的结束和另一个故事的开始。在不断的相遇和错开中,终于明白:身边的人只能陪着自己走过或近或远的一程,而不能伴自己一生;陪伴一生的是自己的名字和那些或清晰或模糊的名字所带来的感动。 ­

10.Be clever from now on ,don't ask the other whether miss and love you or not ? If they miss or love you,they can say it out,but if you ask so,they will be arrogant and pay no attention to you.Don't take some people or some things so seriously.Face them calmly and let everything go its own way.Because this is the world we live in,You can be worthless in front of the things that you care too much.

从现在开始,聪明一点,不要问别人想不想你,爱不爱你?若是要想你或者爱你自然会对你说,但是从你的嘴里说出来,别人会很骄傲和不在乎你。再也不要太在意一些人,太在乎一些事,顺其自然以最佳心态面对,因为这个世界就是这样:往往在最在乎的事物面前,我们最没有价值。 ­


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